Mateja, You’re right. You’re not splitting hairs in your initial response. You were passive-aggressive in your initial response, implying that I’m not familiar with what’s been going here.

A much better approach would have been to —

  1. Perhaps ask what I meant if you were confused as to what my intended meaning was, and I would have been happy to clarify as I’m wont to do, or you could have…
  2. Offered your own point of clarification up front, but instead, you opted for…
  3. What clearly comes off as a corrective and accusatory approach, which I find offensive and condescending.

There is no mystery as to how MPP writers are treated. With the advent of traditionally publishes authors and journalists, MPP writers are treated as second or third tier content providers.

There is no mystery as to how payment is being distributed. The process is UNKNOWN. We don’t have a clue. We know what they tell us, but as for the actual nuts and bolts of how the sausage is made, we don’t know what we’re eating.

This whole thing has been a classic “bait and switch” scenario. MPP was a beta program, an experiment. MPP writers were the test subjects. And the whole thing proved popular. And profitable. Popular and profitable for writers, but too popular and costly for Medium.

The fix —

  1. Keep the actual “formulation” of payments unknown.
  2. Drive down the number of claps per story by playing Where’s Waldo with the tribes/niches writers and their audiences.
  3. Gum up the clapping feature.

This ain’t rocket science. My observations may not be accurate or verified, but this is certainly what it looks like to “me.”

So going back to you and me: highlighting a single word and following it with “I don’t think so” isn’t pointing out a mystery. It’s calling into question my choice of words in a passive-aggressive manner. It was a cheap shot. It was careless and disrespectful. And based on what I’ve read of your body over the years, I’d like to think you’re better than that. Much better than that.

Author, artist, accidental activist, founder Our Human Family ( Social media: @clayrivers. Love one another.

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