Yes, @straytgirl, the motivation for what I’m doing is rooted in my love of Christ. And for people.

I’m acutely aware that I can not change people. I read somewhere just yesterday that change is a doorway that can only be unlocked/opened from the inside. (I’m going to have to find that. It was really good.) The point is all I can do is invite out into the open. That’s my thing. It’s not for everyone.

Please don’t misunderstand me. I’m a strong proponent of healthy boundaries. I don’t have time, patience, or the endurance for toxic behavior. I think I make that clear near the end of the article. There’s no point in being masochistic for the sake of “keeping the peace.” And yes, Christ admonishes his followers if people are receptive to his message to “shake the dust from your feet as you leave.” That doesn’t sound like a call to beat one’s head against the wall to win people over who have no interest in hearing the good news.

I doubt that you’ve stopped caring.

Sounds to me like like you’ve reached the point where you’re frustrated. And that’s okay. This year has been one crisis after another. I can tell you have a heart for people. You may need time to regroup, recharge, do some self-care. I hope you haven’t been held at gun point. Seriously.

Your call/purpose may not be to confront folks who perpetrate violence. AND THAT’S OKAY. Everyone can’t and shouldn’t be the tip of the spear. If that were the case, who would be left to help nurture the people who need to learn that they do have value and are worthy of love? Who then would be available to rebuild communities?

I’m going to do the guy thing here (and that’s NOT the same as mansplaining) and offer a suggestion or two. When you’re up to it and that you feel you’re in a place to give, serve, get back in the game; find out what it is that you do that you enjoy that helps others. There’s so much more to achieving equality than demonstrations—not to take anything away from those efforts. They very important, but that’s not the only means of serving. If the sole way you serve is to teach your children and grandchildren a better way, there’s nothing small or insignificant about that. You may be the single most important person to nurture those qualities in them. And who knows how those qualities will inspire and guide them later in life.

Do what you can where you are. You’re there for a reason.

You’ll know when the time is right to move forward in a way that best suits you, your talents and gifts, and circumstances.

Much love, Violet.💛

Author, artist, accidental activist, founder Our Human Family ( Social media: @clayrivers. Love one another.

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