veganelder, Disrupting White Supremacy From Within sounds like a fascinating read in that its authors seem to have a firm grasp on white supremacy, racism, and the “white mind.” The quote from the introduction, “…as we believe that until white people acknowledge our complicity in maintaining white supremacy and take responsibility for dismantling it, the racism most of us claim to oppose will maintain its stranglehold on us all,” reads as if it were a primer for white people looking to learn about the BlackLivesMatter movement (and how to live with their fellow man in peace and harmony). It also echoes what black Americans have known and been saying for decades. Maybe with a little exposure, the book’s tenets will begin to stick.

I still stand by the belief that the reasons someone still might not recognize the injustices that accompany racism after reading my essay or seeing these shootings or simply living on the planet after, oh, say at least three decades (that’s giving time to get out into the world and discover that mom and dad’s prejudices against people of color just might be wrong) are both singular and profoundly simple. In order the change any behavior, you have to first want to. The causes may be manifold. But the first step in change is to want to.

I don’t believe “white people are a**holes.” The type of a**holes we’re discussing aren’t “born.” The behavior of spewing feces is taught, learned, and reinforced. And people with APS (a**hole personality syndrome) — just like the physical counterpart — need to be restrained, for fear of making life crappy for everyone they encounter.

VE, thanks for your commentary and sharing the book. I’m curious to hear how your group receives the post. It’s good to know there are groups of people like yours working to making social Give them my regards.

Thanks for sharing!

Author, artist, accidental activist, founder Our Human Family ( Social media: @clayrivers. Love one another.

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