Taylor, I felt like this was written for me and me alone. I’ve read numerous essays on Medium that have broadened my point view, and some that have made me re-examine my opinions; but rarely have a read works that have resonated with me to the point that they’ve brought tears to my eyes. Divine Rhythms is one such piece.

For a number reasons (that I need not go into here) over the last couple of years, I’ve felt out of sync with relationships, my purpose … everything. And every now and then, I get these divine affirmations of a recurring lesson in my life: everyone’s path is unique and mine was never intended to be a carbon copy of anyone else’s.

Having a background in entertainment, your analogy made perfect sense: attempting to dance to someone else’s music should be frustrating, especially when there’s one that’s been written for me.

And it ties so well into something I learned a while back (and continue to be remediated on as needed basis) and share with others—

Embrace all that you are and strive to become all that God created you to become.

Thanks for the affirmation! It’s helped more than you’ll ever know.

Keep fighting the good fight!

Author, artist, accidental activist, founder Our Human Family (http://medium.com/our-human-family). Social media: @clayrivers. Love one another.

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