Shanti, I’ll leave the corporate inclusiveness “policy” to the experts, but in business, education, sports, science, entertainment—everything—should resemble Humanity’s diversity from the top down, side-to-side, through and through; and not be a reflection of one particular race calling all the shots.

The photo at the top of the article is the call to action, albeit subtle. From a distance you have a portrait of a human face comprised of crayons of various shades and hues, which in a broad sense represent races, cultures, ethnicities, etc. It’s not an all white or all black portrait, or even black and white portrait; but multi-color. Juxtapose that against the second image where the crayons are grouped by color; a nod to segregation. And the final image, a random smattering of crayons of all colors: humanity, an inclusion of all races/ethnicities/cultures.

A meme for a broader audience? I got nothing. I’m not so good at memes.

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Love one another, friend!

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Artist, actor, author, editorial director of Our Human Family ( Connect via social media: @clayrivers. Love one another.

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