Randy! How did your comment get past me? I’m so sorry for this one slipping by me. I try to respond to all comments as soon as possible.

(This is so very awful and I can’t believe I’m about to use this meme as a reference point, but …) when I hear people rattling off excuses about why we can’t do something about Problem X, I want to react like this —

Image for post
Image for post

Excellent point about upsetting the apple cart. I can react the same way at times. Don’t upset my apple cart. I’m struggling up this hill just fine at a speed of two feet per hour. But I’m constantly trying to retire the apple carts in my life. Usually when I do, the new option or change, is a vast improvement over the old way of dealing with a situation. Kinda like swapping an apple cart for a Vespa with a really nice basket attachment. LOL! Sure, there’s a learning curve in learning how to drive and maintain it, but it sure beats operating a Clay-powered wooden cart with only two wheels. Hahaha!

I missed Tomorrowland. It look interesting. I think the ratings scared me off. I’m going to have to check it out now. Thank for joining the conversation and I’m sorry again for the delay.

Vespas under Blue Skies always!

Author, artist, accidental activist, founder Our Human Family (). Social media: @clayrivers. Love one another.

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