Marley K. (and Your Friends @ Medium),

I’m just thinking out loud here …

I wish those who heed the call of capitalism would come to the understanding that it’s better to provide a service (be it paid or free) that nurtures that intangible part of people, the part of them that is not tied to their business but their well-being. Nurturing artists, providing a safe harbor, a respite from all that is the destruction of America. And I don’t mean hand-holding or coddling, but providing the space the space for writers to facilitate creativity. Companies do it.

Instead of dumping those who have helped build Medium, why not create a Medium 2 or Medium Tech or Medium Digits or something? It’s only common sense that if you have a product that works well, why not replicate the efforts with the lessons learned on the first take. Disney does that all the time with their theme parks. They learn what worked with the previous, and improve on those things that didn’t turn out so well. How much easier would that have been to do with Medium? Just saying.

I swear if I had the money, I’d do it myself. Build a platform for writers to write and support one another in their efforts. People seem to forget that it’s the Arts and Artists that provide a means of interpretation of the world as we know it. Sports provides camaraderie via communities cheering for a common goal. Religion provides community based on common worship styles and beliefs. But it’s the Arts — dance, film, tv, books, theater and the like — that not only provide a means for people to make sense of the world in which we live, but also a means to escape from it. And it all begins with writers.

Yeah. I’m not partaking in the writing from publishers, traditionally published authors, and journalists. Call me a dinosaur, that’s a label I’ll gladly own and wear like a badge of honor.

Now to figure out the best way to get people’s email addresses that I’d like to keep in touch with after I leave Medium. Hm…

Author, artist, accidental activist, founder Our Human Family ( Social media: @clayrivers. Love one another.

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