Mary Keating.

Your comment infers that disabled community has been intentionally excluded from this list or perhaps thoughtlessly overlooked due to some able-bodied privilege or worse yet as you wrote an intentional act of “silencing.” As a card-carrying member of more than one disabled community, counselor, rest assured—






From my arrival on the planet, I have lived with my disabilities, the challenges that accompany them, and the marginalizing behaviors of others. A day hasn’t gone by in which my life has not been impact by those disabilities.

I’ve written a memoir about those experiences and transcending those limitations and misconception. I’ve also written about my most visible disability here on Medium on more than one occasion. And am open to candidly discussing said matters.

As someone with several facets of my physicality that many . . . okay “most” . . . people would consider strikes against me, I chose equality as related to racial equality as the primary focus of this publication as that nicheimpacts the most people. Translation: that’s where I feel that I can affect the most positive change for the greatest number of people.

If you’ll notice, the ethos of this publication is not civil rights or gay rights or women’s rights or trans rights or rights of the uneducated or rights of the homeless or rights of the poor. It is equality. Equality for all people.

I invite you to search for the term inclusion within this publication, the principles espoused here are not of tolerance; but of treating one another with respect and care and recognizing the inherent humanity in our fellow human. That’s inclusion of everyone. It’s not at the exclusion of people living with disabilities.

Instead of lobbing hand grenades wrapped in nice words, the best way to see if Our Human Family would be a suitable pub in which to amplify the voices of people with disabilities would be to submit a pitch for an article for publication. I’m as open to considering your pitch and holding it to the same standards as I would that of anyone else, despite your inappropriate aspersion that I am “silencing” the voice of the disabled.

To be perfectly clear, I’m sorry if you feel my not including the word “disabled” in an article as an act of intentional “silencing,” but I’ve been busy of late . . . living with a disability, showing—hopefully, by example— that people with disabilities are more than their limitations, and building a publication that demonstrates once you see someone as human, you can’t unsee their humanity.

By the way, your privilege is showing.

Author, artist, accidental activist, founder Our Human Family ( Social media: @clayrivers. Love one another.

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