Why I’m Lifting My Self-Imposed Ban on Discussing Politics

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“Flag” by Jasper Johns

I have a burning passion for optimism, character, and faith. If you’ve read any of my posts, those are recognizable themes. For the longest time I didn’t talk about race relations in America, and it dawned on me that to keep silent on this topic would be to betray myself, my heritage, and my faith. For an even longer time, I avoided discussing politics, except in certain politically homogenous circles.

It dawned on me last night, that in my attempt to live a fully integrated life (one in which all areas of my life consistently reflect the same core beliefs ) to put my political beliefs in a box is equally as damaging as trying to deny my height, race, faith, sexual orientation, or any other aspect of who I am.

So with that said, I’m lifting my self-imposed ban on discussing politics and exercising my first amendment right to express my opinions, but not at the expense of denying you your right to express your opinions. If you’ve found my previous posts optimistic, even-handed, and faith-based; you can expect the same in future posts. The majority of my posts be political in nature. Nor will I be “taking the fight” to those who hold beliefs different than my own; and I expect the same in return.

But be warned, I do not suffer rudeness well. Or long.

I’m sure I’ll lose a number of Twitter followers and Facebook friends because of this decision. While that’s unfortunate, each of us is responsible for our own self-care, and I respect your decision. Do what you need to do. Lord knows I’ve muted and unfollowed my fair share of those who were over-the-top with their opinions, regardless of political affiliation. But from my perspective, it’s better for me to be disliked for who I am than liked for being perceived as something I am not.

I’m hopeful about this country’s future and that of all Americans — regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, faith (or lack thereof), sexual orientation, physical disability, or any other trait that might be used by anyone to divide us—as long as we work together.


Originally published at www.clayrivers.com on July 28, 2016.

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Author, accidental activist, editorial director–Our Human Family (http://medium.com/our-human-family). Connect via social media: @clayrivers. Love one another.

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