Jonathan, I get that it’s very much about the flag to other people, but more often than not the majority of flag fervent reverence is for show. And that’s the problem: people who claim patriotism, but aren’t willing to extend the promises of equality under the law to all Americans.

Help me understand what you mean by “Kaepernick’s first choice to fir sit and then kneel … the timing and symbolism go beyond his action.”

I was speaking with a national guard chaplain. He explained that he’s delivered a number of trifold flags to families. I can understand how the flag delivered to them could be a physical representation of that their fallen loved one. But that soldier fought to maintain the freedoms that we have … and those freedoms include the right to peaceful protest.

For my own edification, I plan to speak with a number of servicemen and women that I know to get their take on the matter. What’s missing here is the willingness for people to step out of their own desire to be “right-eous” and dialogue about the why without condemning one another. And that’s sad. Very sad.

The armed forces stand to protect all the rights of all the people. What Kaepernick did … last season … was demonstrate against the fact that racism is still in effect and runs counter to the promises of the Constitution which the flag is a symbol of.

I’m look forward to hear from you. Thanks for joining the conversation.

Author, artist, accidental activist, founder Our Human Family ( Social media: @clayrivers. Love one another.

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