It’s dreadful, but also a major tell: it’s heralds Medium’s transition to a soulless endless scroll of words.

Medium is now Instagram with words, with a lot more white space.

No matter how users manage to connect with one another, the big brains at Medium always seem to manage to put more road blocks in the way. This “frictionless” … nonsense … is simply another buffering off of means of connecting to one another. Publications with no navigation??? What are they thinking. There’s a huge difference between minimalist and austerity. Minimalism allows for functionality without baroque ornamentation. Austerity strips away both ornament and function to an almost barren level. That’s where we are.

Take ZORA, you didnt have to be in their target audience to appreciate the depth and breadth of features they created. And where is it now? This new iteration of Medium reduces everyone and their work a shelf-life of three seconds. You’re only as good as your readers’ latest scroll . . . if you make it that far. Out of sight. Out of mind. It’s nuts.

But I digress.

Three black holes? I’ll stop before I ruin my “brand.” But the trade-off is that we get to decorate our own sensory deprivation chambers.


I don’t know about you, but I like making contact with my readers. Without contact, there’s no connection.

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