I’m going to insert myself into this dialogue, if I may.

@jfinn6511 and @revdrewdowns, I’m encouraged to see this discussion taking place between you two. THIS is what I so want to see happen more often: Discussion about the text. First, let me say as someone who knows you both: You're both are on the same side and probably hold similar beliefs on a great number of issues.

“I” think what’s happening here is a simple difference in use of language. I’m not saying Jim doesn't understand English, nor am I saying Drew doesn’t know how to use language. What I *am* saying that what’s intended and what’s interpreted are different. That’s all.

I take “...for those wronged by the system is the mandate of retribution as a pretext for agreement” to mean that one of the things people to give up is the feeling that before there can be any talk of reconciliation a pound of flesh is due. It’s the whole eye for an eye thinking.

So Jim, I can see your frustration that the message isn't as clear as it could be. And Drew, I can see how you feel your message clearly evident. Think of it this way, you’re both staring at the same "thing" drawn in the sand. From one vantage point it looks like a 6, from the other vantage point looks like a 9.

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