How funny. I was having a similar conversation with a friend today over pizza. I was explaining how pizza isn’t the sort of thing I buy all the time, hardly ever actually in Orlando. We’re not known for pizza down here. My friend hasn’t visited a lot of the U.S., but I tried my best to share the differences between deep-dish Chicago pizza (way down near the bottom on my favorites list), California artisan thin crust pizza (probably a close second to my №1 because of all the fun stuff they can do with and doesn’t feel like I’ve eaten a brick afterwards), and my all-time favorite — New York pizza (from anywhere in the five boroughs). There’s something about folding those large slices and chowing down.

As much as I like food, I don’t think of food memories a whole lot; but I guess it makes sense that New York pizza would be my favorite as I like being in New York and pizza in New York practically guarantees all is right with the world.

Thanks for the memories!

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