Clay Rivers
1 min readNov 25, 2022

Hi there, Salty.

And thanks for commenting. But you’ve quite successfully veered off topic. Regarding the celebration of Thanksgiving as related to American Indians, this essay is straightforward in what it addresses—

1. making the “leap from the harvest feast of 1621 to Thanksgiving 2022 without considering the impact of colonization on American Indians”

2. how that leap is manifested in 2022 America

3. ways Americans might mitigate the indoctrination of inaccurate and damaging accounts of “history”

4. how some Native Americans respond to Thanksgiving

But you’ve chosen to ignore the systemic murder of 130 million people by what-abouting “killing” and “raping.” Really? This essay is not about painting Native Americans as saints or sinners. Whatever Native Americans did or didn’t do before, during, or after European settlers arriving in the New World is no justification for the genocide wrought by said colonists. Full stop.

I don’t understand why some people don’t get that.

BTW . . . the passive-aggressive dig at the end of your comment . . . I call BS. Your opinion of my rights to do anything is of no importance to me. That’s thinly veiled colonial thinking. LOL! Regardless of where you try that.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Clay Rivers

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