Please accept my apologies for posting this so late. I loved this review. You hit the nail on the head right out of the gate. Privilege is a controversial matter, and it warrants being handled by people who are capable of sorting out the knotted mess.

I didn’t know she had a Netflix deal. Maybe a better investment would have been for her to executive produce or simply finance a documentary helmed by people better suited to tackle the topic. There’s no shame in doing a little, “Hey, it me. I think this is an issue that warrants exploring. I hope it speaks to you in a meaningful way. Thank you,” at the beginning and stepping aside.

That, my friend, is facilitating a meaningful conversation.

And that peek behind the Orange Curtain; there are no words. But hey, that’s America.

But let me talk about USC Open Mic Night segment.

The segment made me laugh out loud for probably all the wrong reasons. The students’ body language on display in the room had me doubled over in laughter. Their nonverbal signals mirrored my own doubts about why this doc was produced in the first place. Those kids made it abundantly clear that they were not there to be exploited.

I would pay money to see the raw footage from that entire evening. I’m sure their comments were a revelation for Handler. But Handler acknowledged one important take-away: Black people are tired of being asked to solve White people’s problem.

Author, artist, accidental activist, founder Our Human Family (http://medium.com/our-human-family). Social media: @clayrivers. Love one another.

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