Erik, your safety boots bring to mind a favorite thing of mine (I hadn’t really thought about that much until now) that I think you as a Dutchman will appreciate. I have a pair of favorite shoes, too: a pair of black leather clogs.

Of course, there’s a story behind how I began the habit of wearing them daily.

My favorite choreographer used to wear them all the time during rehearsals. She’d sit on her perch directing the moves of all the dancers with one clog secure on one foot and the other dangling from the big toe of the other foot. And on occasion, when no one expected it, she’d take to the dance floor and execute her intricate dance moves in her black leather clogs with all the surefootedness of someone half her age wearing Capezios (shoes designed specifically for dancers). It may not sound like much, but it was pretty amazing to witness.

I was looking for a pair of everyday shoes and figured I’d try on a pair of clogs just for kicks and I was surprised how comfortable they were, not to mention how convenient it is to slip them on and off. (And I won’t go into the added boost of a couple of inches.)

So hear they are, after six years of wear and tear … with the padding worn away in the openings of both and the heel support absconded to the place where missing socks go to retire. They are undoubtedly one of my favorite things in a very practical sense. I’ll probably get a replacement pair … okay, not a “replacement” pair, but a second pair sometime this summer.

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Thanks for indulging me!

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