Douglas, thanks for joining the conversation. I’m glad you were able to find my article helpful.

I beg to differ about the erosion of men’s rights in the name of women’s feelings. I don’t agree with the notion that the thinking that women are only attacked by men. Attacks by men on women far outnumber the attacks of women on other women. The attention today is being brought to the forefront as this is the area of crisis. Attacks by men on men is not being ignored, but again, the crisis is in the area of physical attacks on women and misogyny.

The bigger point is that no one should physically, emotionally, socially attack anyone. If women are calling attention to their, society owes it to them to stand up, take note, and bring the social injustice to an end. Period.

Which came first the think or the feel?

I understand how the “feelings first” arrive at their conclusion. This isn’t a major point of contention for me. I think it’s one of those finer point that people could debate all day. But if you’ll indulge me, take look at your example from this perspective for just a moment.

  1. Boiling water: if your brain wasn’t able to process (involuntarily) that the water was hot (at probably twice the speed of sound, I just added that for emphasis not to accurate), you’d lose all the skin on your finger. Thoughts … hm, maybe that’s more in the realm of “reflex.”
  2. Beautiful girl: again, your brain processes/recognizes what it likes. You don’t need to be “aware” of every process your brain goes through in order for it to work. There are certain aesthetics that your brain has created speed dials for. If you find zombies unappealing, your brain doesn’t have go through the machinations of figuring out how many days it took for that former human body to decompose to its current zombie state. You simply see it, your brain recognizes its gazing upon a zombie, and you recoil.
  3. Computer crash: you couldn’t feel angst about the crash unless your brain had previous experience with and knew what a computer crash potentially meant.

So … ultimately, I think it’s really what works on a case by case basis contingent most importantly on the communicators, their communication style, the message, and the hearer of their message. I’ve read some writing here on Medium that is all emotion that seem to pierce my heart. Other times, when I read articles written from a more stoic point of view, my brain gets completely wrapped around the writer’s premise.

But for me and my keyboard, I try to go with the more cerebral approach as that’s the style I’m most comfortable with.

Thanks for weighing in!

Author, artist, accidental activist, founder Our Human Family ( Social media: @clayrivers. Love one another.

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