Chris, thanks for the well wishes! I hope it comes through, too. I’m thinking the chances are good since the proposal fits with the theme like a hand in a glove. I can only hope a lot more people don’t have a better version of the same idea. But hey, if they do, that means they’ll probably do it better on a larger scale. So really it’s a win-win … but for a lot of other people — ha!

Thanks for your reply. I’m so glad responses are starting to roll in. For a while there, I thought okay, so maybe asking people for their input wasn’t such a good idea.

Everything you’ve mentioned falls into two kinda overlapping categories. One I’m calling “basics” (how and why people think the way they do. The other falls under the heading, “ally.” And it’ll handle situations just like the one you mentioned with your brother.

Sounds like you have a good handle on the situation with your brother. The thing to keep in mind is that options for dealing with relationships and this topic are not binary. It’s not either-or. There’s more options that “destroying” relationships and dismissing your convictions. There’s always a middle way. And since you’re in relationship with your brother you’re going to have a better chance of influencing him.

First and foremost, people have to want to see what’s really going on. Without that, everything else is a lost cause.

The approach has to involve acknowledging his feelings (yes, I said feelings); presenting your point of view along with some facts; allowing him to see firsthand the inequity that exists; a whole lot of patience, and giving him time to absorb the fact the way he sees the world is not the only way for the world to exist. There’s a whole lot of tools available … it just takes time and patience.

I hope this makes sense. Currently, I’m collecting ideas on what people want to hear and adding that to what I think needs to be said. With input from people about their own experiences, the final product (workshops) will be rich and brimming with real-life info that people can use.

Make sense? Kinda?

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your joining the conversation!! Stay tuned!

Author, artist, accidental activist, founder Our Human Family ( Social media: @clayrivers. Love one another.

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