Andrew, I love Scripture and value it as much as the next Christian, but what I don’t like is when Christians drop “scripture bombs.” It’s a haughty and passive-aggressive approach that does nothing to draw others to Christ.

As a pastor’s husband, I’m sure you’re well aware that the most impactful way for a believer to reach someone with Scripture, is when it’s shared in relationship. That was Christ’s style and he was Scripture manifest in human form. The most poignant examples of his teaching others are when he related to (identified with) the sufferings of those he ministered to. He could have rattled off verses and gone his merry way, but thank God that wasn’t his style. There were those around him already practicing that type of faith: the Pharisees et al. Christ taught within the context of a relationship and when there was no pre-existing relationship with those he encountered, he set the Scripture, lesson, or parable into a context the hearer could understand. What I’m saying is that he interacted with them.

I found your Scripture bomb approach disheartening for two reasons —

  1. The off-the-cuff manner in which it was delivered. (Granted, you used a polite “perhaps,” but it rang tinny and false.
  2. Out of an entire post in which I was “shaking the dust off my sandals” with someone who after numerous exchanges seemed to be more interested in semantics than addressing the notion that we black Americans have every right to make known our displeasure and the degree of oppression brought on by systemic racism, you chose to address not the greater problem of racial injustice, but the patience of those suffering the injustices. What’s up with that? No scripture bomb of love or restraint for those perpetrating the injustice?

Do you lob the same bomb at others who have stood up and said enough is enough? No, no. You should’ve waited a little longer for those voting rights. Do you lob scripture bombs of blind compliance at proponents of racial equality who have effectively bettered the standing of black Americans more equitable in this country? Now’s not the time for you to make your voice heard and for black people to work in x profession.

What makes your think that Christ has not inspired/instructed/moved people in the past and present to act? I don’t know what the Lord is telling other people to do. It’s not my place to know. And neither is it yours. (Just to be clear, I’m not endorsing violence by anyone.)

Andrew, come on now … you’re doing the very thing that turns so many people off to Christ. It rings of indifference and is a disservice to Christians, Scripture, and Christ.

You may not be able to love black Americans or people of color, but a little empathy goes a long way.

Peace be with you.

Author, artist, accidental activist, founder Our Human Family ( Social media: @clayrivers. Love one another.

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