A Quick Update

Plus A Couple of Random Thoughts, and a Shameless Plug*

Thanks for still checking out my posts and reaching out to see if I’m alright. Everything’s fine on this end, but after getting my book written, published, and launched, I’m simply tapped out. You know … that drained feeling after finishing a major project? For the past year, it’s been an all-consuming, mad dash to the finish line.

I’m in recharge mode and simply don’t have much of anything to say. With past as prologue, I know better than to force an essay as the tendency is for it to fall flat. But you guys and gals certainly have a lot to say! I love that about y’all. I drop in every so often and see who’s writing what. Keep up the good work.

If something other than “buy my book” hits me, know that I’ll come running to my laptop to compose something worthy of your time. If you have anything you’d like me to address, feel free to drop me a line.

*because I want to get myself a puppy for Christmas

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