You win the award for my longest-distance-responder. You’re the first person I’ve had the pleasure of communicating with in Russia. Your letter proves that exchanging ideas via Medium makes the world a little bit smaller and friendlier, and that’s a good thing. I’m glad that the article connected with you.

I read your article — I ran it through an online translator — and it seems that bias, prejudice, and discrimination are alive and well everywhere. People all around the world — whether they live in yurts, igloos, or log cabins — all want the same things. We all want to be understood. We all want to matter (that means, to be of importance and have a positive impact on others). We want all want to be loved. But in order for the world to change, more people must be willing to see the world through our neighbor’s eyes. A little compassion goes a long way.

Thanks for linking the article and reaching out to me. It makes me very happy! Keep up the good work and help people to understand the value of inclusion.


No need to apologize for mistakes. You write English much better than I write Russian!

Есть хороший день!

Author, artist, accidental activist, founder Our Human Family (http://medium.com/our-human-family). Social media: @clayrivers. Love one another.

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