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The new book by Our Human Family

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“Fieldnotes on Allyship,” the new book by Our Human Family.

The Recap

In the aftermath of the murder of George Floyd, people are speaking out against systemic racism and the killing of Black Americans by law enforcement officers. Unprecedented numbers of people—of all demographics—are participating in peaceful marches and demonstrations in support of Black Lives Matter across the country. There are many more who want to get involved, but demonstrations are not an option. And they’re unsure what to do.

The Book

Fieldnotes on Allyship: Achieving Equality Together is an informal and informative guide to becoming an effective ally and covers four areas: 1) how we as a nation got here, 2) identifying the forces that maintain systemic racism, 3) preparing to be an ally, and 4) serving as an ally. …

If Black people could’ve remedied the problem single-handedly, we would have. A long time ago.

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“Fieldnotes on Allyship: Achieving Equality Together,” an informal and informational guide to becoming an ally by Our Human Family.

Summer 2020, people the world over learned the United States’ ugly secret known by Black people in this country for 400 years: Black lives are regarded as having little to no value. And for any Black person who dares challenge this worldview, retribution can be sure, swift, and deadly.

In 1919, fifty-four years after the abolition of the enslavement of Black Americans and thirty-nine years after Black men were granted the right to vote, July Perry led a voter registration campaign for the Black residents of Ocoee, Florida. …

Volume 2, Number 34

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Ally. Allyship. We’re hearing those words a lot lately. And from the looks of things, there’s going to be an increasing need for more allies for quite some time. But what exactly is an ally? What’s an ally suppose to do? And how does one become an ally?

If only there was a resource that addressed all of that . . .

Well, there is! Your friends at Our Human Family are here for you. We’ve gathered a few members of our writing family and published a new book that answers those questions and many, many more in an authentic, thoughtful, and meaningful way: Fieldnotes on Allyship: Achieving Equality Together. If you’ve enjoyed the articles we’ve produced over the past year and a half, you’re going to adore this anthology of eighteen . …

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